Abstrak Volume X No.1, Februari 2011


Abdullah Muhammad Jaubah


The purpose of the presentation of The Frankfurt School and Peragmatics Universal as reflected in the critical theory developed by Jurgen Habermas is often used by communications experts without questioning the truth of that theory. The discussion made ​​to uncover the ambiguity-vagueness contained in the critical theory. The first step is to translate the idea of ​​presenting Jurgen Habermas contained in the book Theories of Human Communication, compiled by Stephen W. Litteljohn then the questions raised in the hope of obtaining a response from the readers.

Keywords: critical theory, work, interaction, power, rationality, the interests of society, and rationality of self-reflection.

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Abtracts, Volume IX, No.29 Mei 2010

Ton Kertapati [1]


Communication transaction: basic elements and factors ; so far as the communicator concerned all the Communications transactions are shaped by some important influence such as.

The communicative purpose and knowledge of the subject.

The purpose in communicating is to attain some goal and the effectiveness with which it is transmitted.

Besides of knowledge of subject matter fundamental skills is important regardless of the situations in which a communication transaction occurs verbal or nonverbal communication symbol.

The ability to use our voices and bodies to express ideas orally and visually facilitates the understanding and acceptance basic to successful functioning of communication process.

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Abstract :Volume VIII, No. 28, Desember 2009


Sukardi  [1]

Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama)

Jl. Hang Lekir I No.8 Jakarta


Littlejohn (2005) has put feminism studies in critical theory with power and domination as a primary issue.  More specific, Littlejohn (2005: 324, 327) put the feminis studies in modern and postmodern studies. But, what exactly feminism studies is ? Where is exactly it belong in communication science ?

Keywords: critical theory, patriarchy domination, feminism theory

[1] Pengajar  pada Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama) Jakarta


Endah Muwarni


This study aims to explain the mechanisms of symbolic violence of the reality of a healthy body through advertising. As a foothold theory, used the concept of symbolic violence of Pierre Bourdieu by using reflective dialetik. The results showed that the strategy and dramatization distinction arises from the relationships between actors in the arena of advertising production.Symbolic image of a healthy slim body for women and athletic for a man who produced the ad was perceived as a fairness and kelumrahan. This condition is possible because there is compliance with the public mindset symbolic image ads. Mindset is rooted in the relations of domination within the family, social environment and work environment that make up the awareness of healthy body habitus. Kekeran engine advertising becomes symbolic healthy body of sin.


Abdullah Muhammad Jaubah


The knowledge gap theory was first proposed by Tichenor, Donohue and Olien at the University of Minnesota. They believe that the increase of information in society is not evenly acquired by every member of society: people with higher socio-economic status tend to have better ability to acquire information. This leads to a division of two groups: a group of better-educated people who know more about most things, and those with low education who know less. Lower socio-economic status  people, defined partly by educational level, have little or no knowledge about public affairs issues, are disconnected from news events, important new discoveries, and usually aren’t concerned about their lack of knowledge. What is knowledge gap? What variables included in socio-economic status? Research on the knowledge gap theory need to be done by students of communication science to accept or reject this theory based on the results of empirical research.


(Analisis Framing tentang Perempuan di Majalah KARTINI


Nur Kholisoh


Over the years, communication media serve the purposes of the patriarchy that runs society. Besides, too few women appear in the media and are limited to a few stereotypical roles (for example, housewife, nurse, secretary). There are the underrepresentation of women as media producers and in the corporate decision structure, as well as social norms that prescribe only certain roles for women. For example, women are bombarded by advertising messages that stress their role as consumers of mass-produced goods and unrealistic ideal of feminine beauty that in turn drive sales of products targeted to women.

Magazine, as mass media, still reflect society’s dominant social values and symbolically denigrate women, either by not showing them at all, or by depicting them in stereotypical roles. The women that do appear in media content tend to be  young and conventionally pretty, defined in relationship to their husband, father, son, boss or another man, and portrayed as passive, indecisive, submissive, dependent, etc.

Kata kunci :

Magazine, as mass media, still reflect society’s dominant social values and symbolically denigrate women

Culture Imperialism in Cosmopolitan Magazine :

The Internalization of Consumerism Value

Irsanti Widuri Asih (irsantiw@yahoo.com)*

Lektor pada Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP UT,

mahasiswa Program Pascasarjana Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP UI


Cosmopolitan magazine in Indonesia has no controversy reaction such as Playboy magazine has when this man adult magazine published in Indonesia for the first time. Actually, Cosmopolitan magazine has potential danger, that is, to pursue and to internalized consumerism value. That can lead us to the imperialism of culture.

This article aim to give an explanation about how the article about American life style can bring bad influence to the people in the Third World country.

Keyword : cultural domination, Americanization, pop culture


Ida Fariastuti


In this global village, we can not avoid communication encounters with people from other culture. Because of that we have to really understand the unique and different characteristic in every other cultures. We must understand the culture differences to engage in a good communication. To understand them, we have to know them. To know them, that’s mean we can find a good strategy to communicate with them.

Keyword : stereotipe, etnosentrisme

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